Spring frenzy


Spring is a very busy time of year on the Homestead.  The “to-do” list grows exponentially fast with the melting of snow.  There is SOOOO much to get done.

Technically speaking, we have 6 weeks to complete our to-do list before we need to transplant our seedlings outdoors(usually around June 1st).  Being that our growing seasons in the ADKS are incredibly short, sowing seeds indoors in the early spring has become a must.  Crops like peppers, eggplant and parsley have a longer harvestable range and therefore need the little bit of extra love, warmth and protection that comes from being sown indoors.  We like to use a homemade 50/50 blend of organic seed starter potting soil with organic fiber soil to germinate our seeds indoors.  The fiber soil comes in compact disks that are lightweight and easy to store. You can find them almost anywhere, but we buy them on Amazon.

Preparation is key in having a successful growing season.

One of our major projects this Spring is the construction of our very own GREENHOUSE! We are really excited to be adding some extra cushion to the short growing season and the extra space will be super beneficial to our crops.  I am dreaming of hanging strawberry plants, endless rows of baby lettuces and having crisp, yummy Kale well into the winter months.

The greenhouse plans are well under way and all we are waiting on now is for the remaining snow to melt so that we can get outside in the yard and start preparing the location of the greenhouse.  Mother nature must have our best interest in mind as the weather forecast for next week shows a few days of close to 70° weather.  Seeing as how we still have almost 2 feet of snow blanketing our entire yard, we’ll need all the warm weather we can get.  These next 6 weeks are going to fly by and without the snow melting, we are dead in the water as far as construction goes.

In the meantime, we are diligently working on our garden layout for this year (we’ve added several new crop varieties to try this year) as well as ordering all of the necessary supplies we will need in order to build the trellises, herb beds and prep the potato barrels.


Speaking of potato barrels, I have been in the market for a full-sized oak barrel for many years now but have always found them to be ridiculously overpriced, but on our travels last weekend, we stopped at a local home and garden store in a neighboring town and struck gold.

All the way from France, please join us in welcoming Mr. Potato Head to the Homestead. Isnt he handsome!! His tummy will be full of sprouted taters in the coming months as we are very excited to add potatoes to our crop list this year. Hopefully this experiment is fruitful!

FullSizeRender (2)
Mr. Potato Head

Once we get a little farther into Spring, we will update you again on all the fun, new, exciting things that are taking place.  But for now, there are seeds to be sown, beds to be built, trellises to be constructed and most importantly…the greenhouse. Pray for warm weather!

Make sure not to forget to label your crops.

Our crop list this year, in no particular order:

-Matts Wild Cherry
-Golden Nugget Cherry
-Cherokee Purple Heirloom
-Black Heirloom

-Red Viking
-Sweet Yams


-Yellow Crookneck
-Yellow Straightneck
-Green Zucchini

-Baby Pickling



-Red Russian

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Just looking at this list makes me sweat and drool at the same time. It’s going to be a great year for gardening.

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