365 days in…

It has been a magnificently busy first year on the homestead and we couldn’t be happier. We both feel like we got a lot accomplished as far as projects and are looking forward to the slow down that comes with the snow around these parts. Although it is only October, our weather forecast calls for snow the next 3-4 days and so we are happy to have completed as many summer projects as we did.

The project list will be forever growing (as on most homesteads) but we embrace the work. A few of the things that we (Jeremiah mostly) have completed this summer are as follows:

  • Walk in closet in the loft (there were NO closets in the entire upstairs of the house)
  • Garden Fence to keep the bunnies and other critters out
  • Shelving in the basement for storage
  • Cleaning, splitting and stacking of the endless firewood
  • Temporary closets in the master bedroom
  • Repair the clothes line for outdoor drying (Solar dryer)
  • Country kitchen shelves over the bar
  • Shoe rack in mud-room
  • Create pantry storage in the cellar stairwell
  • Caulk kitchen sink
  • Build storage room in garage
  • Trim trees along driveway
  • Hang “Posted” signs on property lines
  • Install garage door opener
  • Build out-building for outdoor machines (riding lawnmower, 4-wheeler, etc)
  • Install address post at the end of driveway

Wow, that list surprised even me.  I am sure there are some smaller projects that I am forgetting to list, but darn!  Jeremiah has been a busy guy around these parts. Not bad for just under a year on the homestead.  The improvements just keep coming!

We’ve tried to document the projects for later blog posts but have forgotten to take pictures most days. Because of our forgetfulness, we’ve decided to post the pictures that we did remember to take and share them here. Although the pictures are sparse, you’ll get some idea of just how busy we’ve been.

Walk in closet progress

Address post is going in

The garden fence

Jeremiah in action

Random shots in and around the Homestead

Garden sprouts

So as you can see, its been a busy first year, but its been really fun! I’m sure Jeremiah is looking forward to the winter months for some relaxation time. He definitely deserves it.

We could not be happier than where we are now.  We have finally found “Home”.

I wonder what 2017 has in store for us on the homestead?

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