Woodstock, Vermont


A few years ago my husband and I were driving to a friend’s wedding in New Hampshire when we stumbled upon a quaint little town in central Vermont that begged to be explored.  As we made our way slowly through the towns center square we were instantly smitten.  We looked at each other and knew we would be back.

Less than a year later we were given a gift card to the gorgeous Woodstock Inn & Resort and since my husband Jeremiah was due to turn 30 that December, we decided to spend his birthday weekend with our best friends celebrating his special day.

It was an unseasonably warm Friday afternoon in December when we finally pulled into town.  We had a few hours to kill before our friends were due to arrive so we decided to make a pit stop at one of the local breweries, Long Trail and grab a drink and bite to eat.

Upon entering the pub, we were greeted by super-friendly staff members who encouraged us to add our place on their oversized map on the wall.  The map was covered head to toe with push pins from what seemed to be thousands of previous visitors eager to make their mark.  After carefully choosing a red push-pin (red being my favorite color), we decided on our hometown that is nestled amongst the Adirondack Mountains as our permanent place holder.

After being seated, we ordered up a few different beer options as well as a couple of appetizers and enjoyed watching the crew work their magic through the breweries view window.

Jeremiah’s favorite

The brews were great, the food was delicious as far as pub fare is concerned and the staff were knowledgable and friendly. Worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.

Long Trail Brewery

After meeting up with our friends, we checked into the absolutely stunning Woodstock Inn & Resort and were blown away by its abundant amenities. The establishment is more a sprawling compound of food, fun and friendly faces than just your average run of the mill hotel.

The very first thing you see when walking into the lobby is an oversized fireplace roaring with flames and three large couches with blankets inviting you to sit down and relax. How could we not fall in love?

For dinner the first night, we stayed on the property and ate at Richardson’s Tavern where the food was out of this world and the cocktails were perfection.  Even though I no longer eat seafood, I have dreamt of the Seafood Stew that I ate that evening with lust and fond memories.  The best seafood stew I have ever had, hands down!

On Saturday morning, the four of us walked the towns center square and did some light shopping.  My favorite store of the bunch was definitely FH Gillingham & Sons, the local general store that seemed to bring you back in time.  This place had anything and everything a person could possibly need and all the charm to match.  Behind every turn there was another room filled with oddities and treasures.  I could have spent hours in that place.  Definitely be sure to check it out!

The weather for December that Saturday was unseasonably warm, so with the sun shining, the four of us headed up Mt. Peg for a short hike with a view.  Atop Mt. Peg there are a few log benches facing the adjoining mountains inviting you to sit, relax and enjoy the view, which is exactly what we did.

For dinner Saturday night, we decided to try a place called Worthy Kitchen which is a craft beer and farm diner.  To say we were blown away is an understatement.

To start, we ordered a few rounds of drinks and a dozen of their Maple Bacon chicken wings which were out of this world.  A must have when visiting Worthy Kitchen, for sure. The main courses were just as wonderful and left us stuffed beyond belief.

Maple Bacon Chicken Wings

For breakfast on Sunday morning we went to Mountain Creamery, a delightful farm to table restaurant that makes some killer pancakes! Be sure to plan brunch at this local gem on your next visit.

Our last stop of the birthday weekend celebration happened on our way out-of-town.  We were in the mood for a deli sandwich of some kind and had been told about the Woodstock Farmers Market and decided to check it out.  Boy were we glad that we did.  The deli selection was littered with old-time favorites and a few create your own options.  Their deli salad selection was just as wonderful and made for a tough decision in choosing only one.  If I remember correctly, we chose the cold sesame noodle salad and the Spicy Thai salad, both of which were delightful.

The market also had loads of specialty gourmet foods to peruse as well as fresh local baked breads.  One cannot go wrong when pulling into the Woodstock Farmers Market.

Woodstock Vermont proved to be the hidden gem of a town that we had dreamt it was as we drove through that first time over 2 years ago.  It was the perfect place to celebrate a very special man turning 30. Plus, the resort surprised Jeremiah with a specially made Peanut Butter cake! His all time favorite.


Get out there and explore small town USA.  You never know what adventures await!

Happy Travels!

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