St. Lucia, Caribbean

Where can you find endless sunshine, vibrant beaches, friendly locals, stiff drinks and some of the most amazing vegetarian food I’ve ever had?  St. Lucia, of course!


From thrill seeking adventures to some of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever seen, St. Lucia is really a place of wonder and amazement.

No amount of adjectives or explanation can paint a proper picture of the amazing experience we had while visiting the island of St. Lucia, but we are going to try for the sake of all the other travelers out there who love a good adventure.

When we started planning our Caribbean getaway, we knew a few things for sure:

  1. We did not want to stay on the busy side of the island where all of the cruise ships port and unload thousands of tourists each day. Sooo, we rented a private villa on the southern tip of the island (Vieux Fort) which is far less populated and much quieter.
  2. We wanted to be immersed in the local culture on a more authentic level than just the normal traveler.
  3. Zip-lining in the rain forest was a definite must do, as was seeing the city of Soufriere.
  4. Eat where the locals like to eat. Ask around!
  5. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Being so close to the equator made this more important than normal.

Lets start with the place we stayed.  Villa Pierre is a magical little home nestled in the hillside on the southern most tip of St. Lucia.  It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa that comes with a concierge, housekeeper, poolman and driver to and from the airport.  It is remote, quiet, secluded, private and PERFECT.  The pictures online are EXACTLY what you get.

On the day we arrived in St. Lucia, we were greeted at the airport by our driver, Agnes.  To say she was wonderful would be an understatement.  Before being dropped off at the villa, we asked to be driven to the local supermarket so that we could grab some groceries for the week, which Agnes happily obliged. She even made a second trip to the store for us when we forgot to buy water!  What a peach!

Now that the fridge was fully stocked, it was time to grab the bathing suits and jump in our very own private pool to watch the sunset. And boy what an amazing first sunset it was!

First night-Sunset

Before Kersheik, our concierge, left on the first day, we asked him for his recommendations on places to eat.  He gave us a few suggestions, but then said if he was going to go out to eat, he’d go to Debbie’s Place.  He gave us a brief description on directions and wished us luck in our adventures.

Debbie’s Place!

Let me tell you, Debbie’s Place did not disappoint!  It was delicious. It was local. It was AUTHENTIC.  We liked it so much, we went twice!  May I suggest to you the eggplant!

The first time we showed up to Debbie’s, none of us noticed that the sign said it was closed on Monday’s, so in we walked, on a Monday.  There was no one else in the entire place except a waitress and the chef.  The waitress smiled while looking at us sideways (probably because they were really closed) and told us to pick a table.  After taking our drink order, the waitress asked how we had heard of Deb’s and mentioned that she was curious because it was uncommon for tourists to make their way to that establishment, but that we had definitely chosen the right place.

Side of yummy rice
Ashlee’s sweet and sour pineapple chicken

Our next adventure was zip-lining in the rainforest!  There are a few different places that one can zip-line on St. Lucia, but after doing some research, we decided to try Tree Top Adventure Tours.  It was listed as the highest and longest zip-line on the island.

When you show up for the zip-lining tour, you are greeted by who will become your personal zip lining guide.  Our guides name was Chete (like Machete without the “Ma” as he called himself) and he was a treat!

Our zip-lining guide, Chete.

As we approached the first zip line, Chete asked that one of us hand over our cell phone so that he could document our adventure for us.  He would jump on zip lines and record us as we flew past banana trees and rain forest riverbeds.  He must have snapped 100 pictures of our group in the 2 hours it took to complete the course.  It was really nice to be able to experience the whole thing without having to worry about taking pictures.

Group shot. Left to right: Me, Ashlee, Sean and Jeremiah.

At the end of our tour, as we disrobed the harnesses and helmets, a guide from a different group came by and asked if we wanted to see a surprise.  Of course we do, we said, but before we could finish the sentence, that guide lifted his shirt to expose a very hairy, very large tarantula that was nestled on his belt buckle.  After I let out a rather loud scream, he informed us that these spiders were all around us for the past two hours as we flew through the tree tops of the St. Lucian rainforest and that they were very docile creatures.  Although it was scary, and unexpected, we were glad to get up close and personal with the local creepy crawlies, even if only for a second.

The day that we went zip-lining felt like the hottest day of the entire week. The temperature and humidity were almost stifling. So it’s no surprise that when we weren’t off adventuring on the island somewhere, we were all in swimsuits, in the pool, drinking the local Brew.

Piton Beer, the local stuff.
Private pool, hillside paradise.

Our next adventure took us to the city of Soufriere and the Sugar Beach Resort.  We were out looking for a picturesque beach to lay on for a few hours and boy did we find one.  The Sugar Beach Resort is a stunningly beautiful beach resort tucked in between the Pitons. The beach is free to use, even if you are not a resort guest, and has some of the best views on the island.  It is a MUST SEE!

Sugar Beach, Soufriere.

Another adventure brought us to the city of Castries for some marketplace shopping.  The locals were super friendly, helpful with directions and always making us laugh. Castries is the port in which the cruise ships let their guests off during the day for excursions. Visit Castries either early in the day or evening if you don’t want to wait in lines and fight crowds.

Driving on St. Lucia is backwards in both the car and the road.
The market

One of our favorite local things:

Banana Ketchup: Sounds weird, yet is surprisingly delicious.

After working up an appetite while shopping the local markets, we decided to find a place to grab a quick-lunch.  As we were walking in the general direction of where we had parked the rental car, we noticed a small line of food trucks. One of those food trucks was a vegetarian place with quite a few locals pouring out so we headed there.  As we were trying to figure out the menu and how to order, a local man who was enjoying his lunch asked us where we were from and what had brought us to the island. He gave us some advice about St. Lucia, places to go, things to see and told us about the locals. He also thought it worth saying that we had found the best vegetarian food on the entire island..and he wasnt kidding! The food was prepared by a local chef named Mokocho, and boy could he cook!

A hidden gem in Castries
Vegetarian street food!

I can’t think of a bad thing to say about the island of St. Lucia.  The people are friendly. The food is spectacular. The views are breathtaking.  What more could you want?

On our last night on the island we decided to stay home at the villa, make a big meal together and spend the evening in the pool watching our last sunset.  It was a sunset one can never forget.

Last night in St. Lucia with one last amazing sunset.

I could go on and on and on and on about St. Lucia and all the wonderful adventures that await you…but instead, I will leave you with a few snapshots of our time there.

Good morning St. Lucia
Our private pool at night
Sugar Beach


What are you waiting for? Go see the world!



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  1. Susan says:

    I’ve been there and loved it too! Truly beautiful😆


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