Surprise! Guest Chef…

surprise chef

…Coming soon…

Once a month I will be featuring a surprise guest chef.  The chef will prepare one of their own original recipes and it will be featured on the blog, along with photos and commentary from me.

This whole “Guest Chef” idea came about because I am a terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE baker.  I can cook a mean meal, but when it comes to dessert-forget about it.  Which works out well for me because I am not one who looks to sweets very often.  I’d rather eat a sandwich than a cupcake any day of the week.  My husband on the other hand, he’s got a sweet tooth so big it makes even the tooth fairy cringe.

Sooooo, since I feel that the blog needs a touch of sweetness every now and again and I am so bad at baking….let’s bring in a surprise GUEST CHEF!!

Couple of hints about who my very 1st Guest Chef is:

Woman with over 30 years experience in the kitchen.
Best known for her baked goods and homemade pizza.
Avid adventurer, traveler and foodie.
Dog lover and DIY enthusiast.

Can you guess who?


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